Selasa, 14 September 2010

The Ultimate Blackberry Race

Tadi dapat call, aku diterima untuk masuk pertandingan nih.. yes!! haha.. dan sejurus selepas itu, aku dapat email ini pula..

Dear Mr. Mohd Shukri Che Dahalan,

Good day and congratulations on making it amongst the lucky 30 registrants to compete in the upcoming The ultimate BlackBerry race.

Kindly find FOUR (4) forms (attached herewith) which we will require your kind self to fill up in order to complete your registration:

1.       Registrant Details
2.       Waiver of Liability Form
3.       Terms & Conditions
4.       Race Rules & Regulations

Kindly read through properly and understand all the terms, conditions, rules & regulations as well as the waiver of liability before committing.

We will need the Registrant Details form filled up ASAP. 

If the other 3 forms are not returned to us, you will still be required to sign them up on the event day (no exception can be made).

Also attached would be the Race Briefing Kit, which will aid you in the upcoming event.

Kindly be present at the following details:

Date: 18 September 2010, Saturday
Time to check in: 9:00 am (breakfast to be provided)
Venue to check in: The Laundry Bar, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
Dress code: No slippers / flip-flops – sports shoes only (race jersey will be given)
(Kindly bring along your NRIC / Driver’s license / passport for identity verification)

You will be randomly placed in a team of four members (which will also consists of a local celebrity and a media member along with another lucky registrant) and compete against other teams. The event will be filmed and broadcasted on national television. 

The Top 3 teams to complete this race will win the new BlackBerry Curve 3G on top of loads of other goodies such as shopping vouchers, Platinum Class movie tickets as well as various goodies from BlackBerry.

All the details are listed in the briefing kit as well as the other documents attached herewith. We strongly suggest that you spend some time to go through all the documents.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

Thanks and we look forward to having your kind self for the Race! 



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